The Man Behind

Legacy is some thing that comes to you through blood & sweat, and if you get experience in legacy then nothing is beyond reach.

Here's a tale of a visionary man called Anil Adamane.

A man of vision, commitment and immense will-power to convert every dream into a shining reality.He always wanted to be the man, who was different and set an exemplary example of his caliber. He believed that it is not the silver spoon which works for creating legends, it is the conviction and dedication of a man to succeed that makes him stand above the rest.

It was a tough call in a world where making people trust in a brand is the hardest nut to crack and he chose the most difficult of fields to carve a niche in- PERSONALITY.

Anil deeply understood the underlying psychology of the people of all the big and small cities of India. People had started questioning the old trends and techniques being followed in the existing salons. And in the midst of all the cravings for a revolutionary change, he came with a concept which was totally alien to the people of a city like Nagpur, a UNISEX SALON.

He chose to call it Bellezza. Bellezza was embraced with open arms by the people of the city. It was refreshing change from the goings on, it raised the standards of grooming by leaps and bounds to smarter, more attractive, more desirable individuals. People now wanted to be groomed in the extraordinary ambiance of Bellezza with world class products and trained professionals. Men and women being groomed under the same roof was of course intriguing.
The Salons multiplied and became a fascinating chain of super luxurious beauty havens, where people cued up to change their personalities
In a span of 11 years this young dynamic man changed the definition of grooming in many cities across the country. Bellezza became a prominent chain of 28 salons spread over multiple states like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh & Madhya Pradesh.
Today Bellezza Family has a strength of above 500
trained associates who are enjoying their successful careers as a Beauty experts and Hair designers. Anil made Bellezza a dream empire of beauty.

He strives today in making yet another marvel,a beauty care empire for his loyal clientele, with a team which is eager to deliver their experiences into the making of this legendary chain of hair and skin studios, pushing the bar of luxury, standards and hygiene to yet another level, and still make all this available to people at affordable prices.

Today, after attaining such heights with
Bellezza, Anil Adamane is ready to
challenge himself yet again. He wants to reach the pinnacle of success by creating a STUDIO of ART, a legendary chain of Skin and Hair Studios which has got experience in its Legacy, where talented technocracies adorn guys and gals into beautiful ageless

      The Mecca for the self conscious,
      The Shrine for the beauty lovers,