Technical Scope & Support..

The complete technical team will be provided
by Legaato. Basic work will be part of the
technical team and will involve :

  • Staff Recruitment (if required)
  • Staff Training
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Introducing Packages and New Schemes
  • Salon Inventory Management
  • Front Desk Management
  • Price Management (Tariff)
  • Promotion Management
  • Interior Design of the salon
  • Attendance Management
  • Salon Billing Software (On Extra Amt)

Legaato's Change Management Approach..

Our approach comprises...

  • Assessment of the business situation
  • Communicating all vital information
  • Training of staff - technical and cultural
  • Aligning duties and techniques with staff
  • Extradition of useless old practices
  • Motivation of staff morale
  • Creating Joyful & Enthusiastic atmosphere

What sets us apart...

  • The students will be trained by special guest faculties who will be invited from all over the country.
  • The training shall be skill and personality oriented.
  • The lessons shall be imparted with the help of audio visual demonstrations.
  • The certificates shall be given to them pertaining to the fields that they specialize in.
  • They shall be placed immediately at any of our outlets at the end of the training schedule.
  • They shall be molded into professionals who can fit into any environment, workplace, city or country.

School of Skin & Hair Professionals

To Teach is to learn twice...

With the ever-increasing fashion frenzy and self
awareness the need for beauty salons and professional is on a constant rise. The field of beauty experts is now becoming sought after, lucrative career option for the talented youth of the country.
Legaato's school of skin and hair professionals is our effort to lift the veil from these promising career options.
A beauty and hair expert today earns as much as and more than any other respectable careers and we as an enterprising chain of superior hair and skin studios owe it to the talented youth of our country to make them see their futures in this field.
The legaato school will create professionals for our chain of studios. The professionals will be thoroughly trained by legaato experts and will be polished to take the beauty world by storm. Special efforts will be made to buff up their personalities so that they stand out in the crowd with their special talents and pleasing personalities.

Legaato Business Solutions

Legaato Business Solutions is a complete fault
free methodology to make a beauty salon run to
packed houses. It is a result of bundle of
experiences gained over the years which has
made us develop techniques, methods, solutions
and insights that help us deal with people, be it
clients or our own staff.
We will provide business solutions to all such
salons which are not functioning as desired. Our
consultants are ready with methods and action
plans for uplifting salons footfall and economics
from their sorry state and make them self
sustaining to begin with and continues the
success story with innovative schemes and
We do not view any of our prospective projects as
'just another task'. We believe in working jointly
with our associates to achieve any goals that we
may set together.
We believe in primarily focusing on client
satisfaction and thus benefit our associates way
beyond the implementation to gain their faith in
the salon.