The Culture

We know our work well having perfect knowledge and clear understanding of the science of skin and styles of hair.

We know and understand deeply the needs of an Indian client and we understand the requirements of a changed mindsets.

Legaato is committed to deliver the genuinely suiting treatment to its clients beauty requirements.

The Belief

That a relaxed mind which is completely at ease with ones body, skin and hair is easy to polish and style.

In treating our clients in an atmosphere that they love spending time in, rather than taking beauty treatments as another chore.

In understanding your skin and hair needs and then treat you according to the specifications of the requirements.

In observing complete hygiene in all treatments that we follow in hair and skin care.

In keeping complete records of the line of treatments
followed by all our clients for future use and reference.

In making our clients get used to complete care regimes,which they truly deserve.

In making thorough professionals, who are masters of their skills.

In reaching out to the country as a whole and making
luxury as a right to every individual.

In maintaining homogenous standards throughout the chain.

Pamper yourself at Legaato...

       a legacy of experience and commitments…..

Legaato is now  ready to enrich the lives of thousands of clients with their beauty expertise, giving them the most unique and soulful beauty experiences by  professionals   who  are masters of their skills and committed to their profession to deliver utmost satisfaction in beauty treatment.

About Us

The Concept

Legaato is a studio concept, where world class products will be housed under one roof for people to enjoy luxury from round the globe.

The Mission

Our mission is to make you fall in love with yourself……